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Family of William and Mary Ann Doar

Golden Wedding 1887


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Doars 1887 William Doar (1814-1897) Mary Ann Doar (nee Smedley) (1816-1894) William Bailey (c1844-?) Samuel Bailey (1884-?) Sarah Ann Doar (1841-1930) Urban William Doar (1839-1901) Arthur Edward Doar (1857 -1910) Mary Isobel Doar (1878-?) Lucy Chapman (1840-?) Frederick William Doar (1875-1941) Lilian Yeomans Doar (1886-?) John Frederick Doar (1846-1902) Sophia Yeomans (1854-1902) Annie Sophia Doar (1876-?) Harry John Cyril Doar (1880-1959) Ruth Matilda  Doar (1857-1916?) William Arthur James Smedley (1856-?) Thomas Smedley (1886-?) Alice Mabel Celia Doar (1881-?) Mary Ann Bailey (1877-?) Anne Lottie Bailey (1881-?) Hannah Dora Bailey (1873-1951) Mary Elizabeth Doar (1844-1899) Sarah Eleanor Bailey (1875-1965?) Ada Elizabeth Bailey (1878-?) William Rome Doar (1881-1937) Abraham Charles Doar (1849-1925) Alice Rome (1856-1889) Ethel Mary Doar (1879-?) Doars 1887 Original



Harold H Morley and Ethel M Doar Wedding


Doar Wedding 1906


"The Homestead"


Doars at Homestead

John Frederick Doar (1846-1902) William Doar (1814-1897) Arthur Edward Doar (1857 -1910) Ruth Matilda Doar (1857-1916?) Ruth Matilda Doar (1857-1916?) Mary Ann Doar (nee Smedley) (1816-1894) Abraham Charles Doar (1849-1925) John Doar (1809-1888) Mary Elizabeth Doar (1844-1899) Urban William Doar (1839-1901) Elizabeth Cowlishaw (nee Doar) (1810-1888) Sarah Ann Doar (1841-1930) Doars Homestead 1

Same Day, Same Place





   1 Louise Bailey Ruth Matilda Doar (1857-1916?) Doar Wedding 1906 Harold Hudson Morley (1882-?) Ethel Mary Doar (1879-1951) Sarah Taylor (1854-?) Abraham Charles Doar (1849-1925) Sarah Ann Doar (1841-1930) Lucy Chapman (1840-?) Urban William Doar (1839-?) Henry Morley (1850-?) Annie Maria Hudson (1864-?) William AJ Smedley (1856-?) Ruth Matilda Doar (1853-?) Arthur Edward Doar (1857-1910) Esther Louise Wilson (1859-?) Charles Edward Doar (1889-?) William Taylor Mary Isobel Doar (1878-?) Thomas Henry Robinson Lilian Yeomans Doar (1886-?) Eileen Mary Doar (1896-?) Margaret Esther Doar (1898-?) Ada Elizabeth Bailey (1878-?) Winifred Mary Smedley (1889-?) Catherine Maud Doar (1892-?) William Smedley? (1898-?) John Doar (1809-1888) Elizabeth Cowlishaw (nee Doar) (1810-1888) Urban William Doar (1839-1901) Sarah Ann Doar (1841-1930) Mary Elizabeth Doar (1844-1899) John Frederick Doar (1846-1902) Abraham Charles Doar (1849-1925) Ruth Matilda Doar (1857-1916?) Doar Homestead 2