The links on this page are to "access points" to an extended family tree which includes at its core about eight generations of the ancestors of my kids.

There is one page for each person and that page is linked to that person's spouse/s, children, parents and grandparents where known. Unless permission has been given it only includes those born more than a 100 years ago. From the "ancestral core" the links can wander off into areas that have interested me at one time or another, sometimes quite a distance as with the "Sandiacre Doars".

There are even a number of "unlinked" pages for all sorts of reasons. Some of these came about while trying to identify people in the old Shaw family albums and some like George Clauscen just because someone asked about the origin of Clauscen Street (strangely he turned out to have lived in a house once lived in by my g-g-grandfather).

These family tree individual pages were created automatically using the Legacy Software which builds sentences by combining the information in the database with a set of standard phrases. The trade off for this automation is that the syntax can at times seem a bit convoluted.


Many of the photo albums of the families of Alfred and Herbert Shaw have survived and until recently were with my great aunt. When she moved to a nursing home they were distributed around the family.

Over a few years I've scanned most of them and recorded what captions were available. Many of the photos now appear on these web pages and the intention is to make them available to anyone who is interested and to seek help in identifying the people and places they show.

On the web site the photos are interspersed with chunks of family history, photos from other sources, scanned documents and maps. All of the photos on the web have been reduced and some have been cropped.

I can provide my original high resolution image on request.


This link is to my original home page. I'm gradually moving the links there into this new format but for the time being this is the only access to pages on a variety of family history subjects.

Many of these pages are works in progress and many of those are likely to remain that way indefinitely.


Search the whole site using Google.


This links to my trees using the WebTrees software. This replaces its ancestor PHPGedView which is now a bit unstable. I'm only mucking around with it at the moment so if anything crashes don't worry too much as I may be tinkering or upgrading. This is a great bit of software with powerful reporting and charting which I'm using in conjucntion with my Legacy based web pages.

Below is a family tree drawn by my great aunt who died in 2011 at 107 and who was the source of much of the information and many of the photos on this site.


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