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Tennis Party at Segovia c1893

Tennis Party Segovia


1 Effie Shaw
2 Theo Felstead
3 "Win" Eggleston
4 Frederic Eggleston ?
5 Jane Eggleston (nee Felstead)?
6 "Nell" Cross ?
7 Thomas Mitchell Hale
8 Annie Bertha Hale
9 Elizabeth Hale (nee Hayball) >
10 John Clarke
11 Agnes Cross
12 "Dick" Clarke ?
13 Elizabeth Flora Cross ?
14 "Dick" Cross
15 Lavinia Shaw
16 Caroline Mary Hale

This photo shows what seems to be a tennis party at the Hales' house, Segovia. It can reasonably reliably be placed and dated to 1893 based on the movements of the people in it. The Shaw, Clarke, Felstead and Eggleston families were all related to the Hales (or in the case of the Shaws were to become so in a few years). The Cross and Hale families were close and lived close by each other in Auburn with the girls together at Tintern girls' school. Agnes Cross went on to become the headmistress at Tintern girls' school and her sister taught there for some time.

It is more than possible that Number 12 is one of John Clarke's sons, maybe Dick Clarke or Thomas Clarke.

The couple at the back right could be Win Eggleston's parents, Frederic and Jane. (Jane is Theo Felstead's much older sister and of Jane Hale, Thomas Mitchell Hale's aunt making them both his 1st cousins).

Number 6 is also a tentative identification. She may be the sister of Agnes and Nell Cross, Elizabeth Flora Cross. The Crosses are the only family here to include another woman of about this age.


Aunt Amelia & Uncle Jack Moore's Golden Wedding 25.4.1937

Tennis Party Segovia

Caption John & Amelia Shaw’s Golden Wedding 25.4.1937

Standing at the rear from the left are an unknown woman, Malcolm Stewart Moore, possibly Effie Shaw, and Herbert Shaw. The man at the back right is possibly Herbert’s brother, Arthur Henry Shaw (77).

Seated in the middle must be John (Jack) and Amelia Moore. On the left of Amelia is Lavinia Shaw.  On the right of John Moore is an unknown woman and possibly Caroline Mary Shaw.

In the front are sure to be the only grandchildren of Jack and Amelia Shaw, Ian (16), Margaret (12) and Malcolm (abt 10) McKinnon.

In the photograph could also be ….
Doris McKinnon (nee Moore, aged 46 and daughter of Jack)
George McKinnon (husband of Doris and also 46.
Jessie Shaw (aged 63, wife of Arthur Shaw)
Beryl Brown (nee Shaw) (aged 26 and daughter of Arthur and Jessie)
Charlotte (“Aunt Allie”) Shaw, (aged 78 widow of Alfred Heywood Shaw)
Ethel Shaw (aged 70, widow of Ernest Shaw)
Eva Felstead (aged 67, but living in Sydney, possibly behind and to right of Jack Moore?)

It is possible some are from the Moore family but if so would most likely be descendants of Jack’s brother older William who died in Melbourne in 1927 leaving “a wife, a son and 4 daughters”)


Christmas at Halehurst 1936 ?


Tennis Party Segovia

No caption on this one but on the same page as a similar photo captioned "Christmas at Halehurst 1936".

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