Thomas Hale c1870

1874 - looking south from Bourke and Stephen (1)


This photograph was most likely taken 1874 or 1875 based on the sign (1) for "J Keane Potato Dealer" who appeared for the first time in the 1874 directory. The sign is on the wall of the old Hailes and Hale shed by this time serving as Henry Johnson's Oyster Saloon. Next door in the slightly taller building is Dobbin the saddler. Beyond that is Edward Kellet's chaff business, Brunet the hay and corn dealer, Dickie the plumber and Piggot the vet. The two storey brick building is Churchman's Hotel and on the Littel Collins Street corner is Cumming the produce dealer. On the opposite corner is the Protestant Hall.


   1 State Library of NSW

Holtermann Collection : photographs of goldfield towns in N.S.W. and Victoria; Sydney and Melbourne streets and buildings, 1871-1876
Title : Charles Lister's Melbourne Hotel, corner Bourke & Stephen Street, Melbourne
Creator: American & Australasian Photographic Company
Date of Work : 1870-1875

   2 State Librar