William Trueman
(Cal 1849-1897/1897)


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1. Matilda Doar

2. Eliza Doar

William Trueman

  • Born: Cal 1849, Cossall, Notts 3
  • Marriage (1): Matilda Doar Apr to Jun 1891 in Basford 1
  • Marriage (2): Eliza Doar Oct to Dec 1870 in Basford 2
  • Died: Apr to Jun 1897, Basford 4 5


In 1871 he was a Miner living with wife Eliza at 91 Cotmanhay Road, Ilkeston. 6

In 1881 he was a Coal Miner & Grocer living with wife Eliza and at 20 F North Street, Ilkeston. Eliza's brother Thomas was also a miner was boarding with them. 7

In 1891 he was widowed, working as a Licensed Victualler and living at 75 Bath Street, Ilkeston with his daughter Winifred, his wife's half sister Matilda and a servant. 8


William married Matilda Doar, daughter of Samuel Doar and Matilda Potter, Apr to Jun 1891 in Basford.1 (Matilda Doar was born in 1874 in Ilkeston, Derbys 9.)


William next married Eliza Doar, daughter of Samuel Doar and Ann Crooks, Oct to Dec 1870 in Basford.2 (Eliza Doar was born in Jun 1849, christened on 11 Apr 1858 in Ilkeston 10 and died Apr to Jun 1890 in Basford 11.)


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DOAR ElizaBasford 7b 243
TRUEMAN WilliamBasford 7b 243

3 Chris Andrew (candrew AT kingston.net), 1871-1891C.

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Trueman William 48 Basford 7b 86


Deaths Jun 1899
Trueman William 57 Basford 7b 101.

5 Chris Andrew (candrew AT kingston.net), William died in 1897.

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Thomas DOAR Boarder M 33 Coal Miner Derbys Ilkeston

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William TRUEMAN Head W 42 Licensed Victualler Notts Cossall
Winifred TRUEMAN Dau 5 Derbys Ilkeston
Matilda DOAR Boarder 19 Housekeeper Derbys Ilkeston
Julia HALLAM Serv 16 General servant Derbys Ilkeston


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Birth: JUN 1849
Christening: 11 APR 1858 Ilkeston, Derby
Father: Samuel Doar
Mother: Ann.

11 Chris Andrew (candrew AT kingston.net), Deaths Jun 1890 TRUEMAN Eliza40 Basford 7b 95