Peter Harvey
Matlda Hutchens
Robert Joseph Harvey
(Cal 1828-1918)


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Emma Purkiss Or Perkis

Robert Joseph Harvey 1

  • Born: Cal 1828, Staffordshire 2 3
  • Marriage: Emma Purkiss Or Perkis
  • Died: 1918, St Kilda 4

  General Notes:

A.D. 1875, 8TH OCTOBER. No. 2120.
HARVEY, ROBERT JOSEPH, of No. 18 Nicholson street, Fitzroy, near Melbourne, in the colony of Victoria, tinsmith, for "Improvements in machinery for stamping plate metal into various forms," altered to "A new method of and apparatus for pressing plate metal into various forms."
The object of the invention is to press metal into various forms by continuous pressure with one die instead of by a number of blows with one die.
The apparatus consists of a mould or gripper; and a die or plunger to fit the mould, the gripper being simply a circular presser for pressing on the walls of the mould.
The mould is of the shape of the article to be produced, is held in position on the top of an anvil by means of dogs, and is therefore easily removable, so as to admit of the substitution of one of a different shape or size.
The sheet of metal to be pressed is placed over the die, resting on its walls ; the counter die is then brought down so as to press the edges of the metal sheet on to the walls of the die. The plunger is then brought down gradually, pressing the plate into the die, overcoming the pressure of the counter die on its edges and drawing it from beneath the counter die and the walls of the die proper. This pressure on the edges presents the required resistance to the plunger, so as to prevent the plate entering too freely into the mould or die, and reduces puckering to a minimum. When the article has been completely stomped the plunger rises and then stops, the counter die also rises and the stamped article can be removed.
The plunger is worked by eccentrics.
Intermittent motion is given to the counter die and plunger by the studs B7 (on wheel B5) and C8 (on wheel C7), acting upon rod H and throwing the clutch I into gear, with the fixed connection B8 on the one side or C9 on the other; a weighted balance lever J assisting in the operation.
Claim - First and chiefly. The application of continuous pressure, instead of a succession of blows to sheet metal, in order to produce various forms.
Second, The combination and arrangement of the various mechanical parts forming one modification of the invention. (Drawings, Sheet 25.) (Granted.) (Disclaimer-1 hereby disclaim the application of "continuous pressure to sheet metal in order to procure various forms." Instead of the words contained in the twentieth and twenty-first lines of the specification, I substitute, therefore, the following words, "firmly gripping the edge of each plate whilst it is being pressed into the required shape." Instead of the first claim in such specification I claim "First, firmly gripping the edge of each plate of sheet metal which is being pressed into any required shape.")


Robert married Emma Purkiss Or Perkis, daughter of Hezekiah Purkiss Or Perkis and Natalia Church. (Emma Purkiss Or Perkis was born about 1829 and died in 1911 in Caulfield 5.)


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